3 Ways to increase consumer trust

In order to build consumer trust, brands need to remain relevant whilst creating an emotional connection so as to retain the interest of their customers.

According to experts, emotionally connected consumers are twice more valuable as compared to customers who’re highly satisfied with your product or services, since they purchase more, and are less sensitive to the price. Also, they’re more likely to suggest your product or services to others.

How to Build Customer Trust?

1. Anticipate the needs of your customer

Customers want to feel special. They want brands to remember them as well as anticipate their needs. They’re ready to spend an extra amount as long as they’re offered hyper-personalized experiences.

In order to achieve this, brands can leverage various data (online, mobile interactions and in-person) so as to build an entire persona of the consumer – the one which allows the business to recognize preferences and thus anticipate the requirements of their customers.

2.  Offer rewards and savings

One of the primary reasons why brands gather data is to customize offers taking into account the likes and dislikes of the shoppers, and most of them don’t mind sharing info in exchange for relevant discounts and rewards. However, studies indicate that only 58 percent of the online shoppers who were a part of the survey were happy with mobile savings options and discounts. Brands wanting to court these consumers must come up with different ways to incorporate their consumer discounts and rewards programs into the mobile and online experience.

3.  Secure data and transactions are key to building consumer trust

No doubt, payment security is among the major concerns even among experienced online shoppers. Studies indicate that less than 60 percent of mobile shoppers were satisfied with the present payment security level. Customers want to ensure their financial info will stay secure, and used in the right way taking into consideration all the privacy measures.

Today, you can find plenty of tools on the internet in this regard which are constantly improving day by day. So, it’s important to educate your consumers on various security tools you use on your site. Another way is to train your customer support staff to explain the security policies of your online shop in an easy to understand way to people who inquire.

Educating consumers is especially crucial for cross-border vendors since new customers might be hesitant to purchase from an offshore seller.

Final Words:

Amidst all the noise you see online, it’s quite obvious for the consumers to be concerned when it comes to their privacy. When customers realize that you actually running a legitimate business online and not simply looking for a quick buck, you’re bound to see an increase in your online sales. No doubt, it may take a lot of perseverance and energy on your part, however once you’ve built a loyal fanbase for your products or services online, it would probably pay off all your efforts even before you realize it.