Increasing traffic to your site with SEO

No matter if you’re running an eCommerce store or a blog, SEO plays a key role in determining the position of your site in search results. However, due to the recent changes in the search engine algorithm, it has become quite challenging to dominate the search results like before.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our top 4 tips which can help you boost your ranking in Google.


Creating quality content is a must these days. With the recent changes in search engine algorithm, it has become very easy to detect spun articles that add little to no value to the readers.  

Today, Google is more likely to reward sites that offer quality and reliable information to its users. Ensure that the content you produce is useful & adds value to the reader. More often than not, you see authors adding all type of filler text within their articles so as to reach a specific number of words.

Such type of content is not that beneficial to the readers and at times, your site may even receive a penalty from Google.

So, in order to reach the top spot in Google, pay close attention to your website content & ensure it adds value to the end user.

On-site SEO

It’s crucial that your website follows good SEO practice in regards to on-site SEO. For example, you want to have primary keywords as well as secondary keywords sprinkled across your website. Avoid overdoing it though since Google is smart enough to spot it and penalize you for using too many keywords.

When creating content for your site, make sure to add keywords in such a way that they appear natural to Google.


Backlinks play a major role in determining your position in search engine results. It’s crucial that you add a good amount of links pointing to your website in order to boost your ranking in Google. Likewise, you want to ensure that the backlinks you create come from authority websites.

The links must come from websites having real traffic and the ones that are not in the business of selling links for their own gain.

Google can spot links coming from PBN’s or Private Blog Networks these days and getting links using this strategy has become very risky.

Select the right keywords

It’s crucial that you select your keywords well prior to writing your blog posts or articles. You can find a number of free as well as paid tools which let you pick the best keyword on virtually any topic of your choice.

While picking your keywords, go for the ones that can help you rank easily and aren’t too competitive. Also, be sure to analyze the type of keywords your competitor is targeting to get a better idea of what you should be targeting for your own site.

Getting a top spot in Google is not that easy nowadays. You’ll need to work consistently & also be patient in order to experience better ranking in search results.