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Added together, there are quite a few additives that can prevent problems under your hood. Additives have a job to clean your car internally. This cleaning is specifically for the fuel system, the engine and the cooling system. For example, if soot forms in the engine, your car will go less. Consequences can be; higher oil consumption, power loss, poor smoke starting. Additives allow you to clean the engine so that it works better again.

Types of additives

There are different types of additives on the market, all of which have their own effect. To name a few; fuel additive, injection cleaner, oil additives, EGR cleaner and particulate filter additive. These additives are the most popular, but many more types are available.

A fuel additive is a chemical that you can add to the fuel. Let it go though; for a diesel car you will have to purchase a diesel additive and for a petrol car a petrol additive. A fuel additive ensures, among other things, that the engine cleans better or that the engine gets more. Within the fuel additives, different types with different effects are available. For example, there are cleaning agents that keep the engine clean. There are also injection cleaners, these clean the injectors. This will improve fuel atomization. A single flush that causes the engine to prevent. A DPF cleaner, or particulate filter additive, is also thrown through the fuel. This is designed to easily regenerate a diesel particulate filter when designed.

There are also oil additives, which you throw through the engine oil. To prevent oil leakage you can use a Stop Leak. This makes cured seals such as seals flexible again. You can read more about an oil spill in our blog. There are also oil stabilizers, which improve the lubrication between the moving engine parts. In addition, it gives a boost to the cleaning effect of motor oil.

In addition, there are also radiation additives. You don’t throw this through the fuel, but through the coolant. Radiator cleaners ensure that the cleaners are cleaned.

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